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Greenyard is a global market leader of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants.
Corporate brochure

Greenyard Fresh
Greenyard Fresh is a global market leader and supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants and flexible logistics services.
Fresh brochure

Greenyard Frozen
Greenyard Frozen is a pioneer and market leader that processes a wide range of freshly harvested vegetables and fruits into fresh-frozen products.
Frozen brochure

Greenyard Prepared
Greenyard Prepared processes freshly harvested vegetables and fruits and delivers ready-to-eat food products, such as soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes.
Prepared brochure

Investor Relations
Dedicated to bringing shareholder value with a focus on the pursuit of our mission, enabling a healthier future.

Sustainability report
Our sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s sustainability efforts at local level and how these help meet challenges in the food sector.

Our divisions
Each of our divisions is a leader in its field. They collaborate closely with some of the largest retailers and food service companies in the world, helping them to expand their offerings, develop new markets and successfully anticipate consumer trends.