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Product Developer, Greenyard Prepared Belgium
Hanne Zoons
“The atmosphere at Greenyard is very friendly, if you have a question or need an explication, there’s always someone there who will help you.”

“80 % of my time at Greenyard is spent cooking. Dips, sauces, soups, apple compote – our team is developing better and healthier recipes on a day-to-day basis. Once we have perfected our recipe, we figure out how we can put it on the market, and how it can be produced in larger amounts.”
Hanne Zoons
Variety matters
“I graduated as a bachelor in dietetics, but I was not really interested in becoming a fulltime dietitian. My job at Greenyard gives me a lot more variety: food tastings in the morning, creating new recipes during the day, working with other teams on better packaging, … There is always something exciting going on and I am always up-to-date with the latest trends.”

Great taste
“In our lab we experience first-hand what a healthier future means for Greenyard. As Product Developers it is our job to reduce the amount of salt and fats in products to an absolute minimum and look for worthy and healthy replacements, such as herbs, to ensure great taste.”
Marketing Manager, Greenyard Fresh Netherlands
Gerrit Jan Kornet
“I was asked to write my own job description. That’s pretty unique, I think.”

“I started working at Greenyard more than 5 years ago. It was my dream to work in a company close to the retailers and asked Greenyard if I could come work for them. I was asked to write my own job description, to explain my vision and how I wanted to change and try out new things. That’s pretty unique, I think.”
More ‘yummy’
“Everybody knows fruit and vegetables are good for our health, we never have to explain that. Yet people drink more soda than they eat fruit and vegetables. Worldwide, the consumption is even decreasing. Because fruit and vegetables are ‘difficult’ and ‘not yummy’. As Marketing Manager, I see it as my mission to change that perception and find new ways to make them more ‘yummy’.”

Partnering with the retail
“Fruit and vegetables are an important category for retailers. They are actually one of the main reasons why people go to the grocery store on a regular basis. So there’s a huge opportunity there. That’s why we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We want to share our expertise and help them develop and expand the fruit and vegetables category. And that’s an exciting challenge.”
Working at Greenyard
Greenyard is an environment that invests in the development of your talents. We have a passion for fruit and vegetables. We want as many people as possible to enjoy them.