Elodie Dias
Logistics Manager & Deputy Plant Manager, Greenyard Horticulture France
Elodie Dias
“People say ‘thank you’ here, and that’s really motivating.”
“As Logistics Manager, it is my responsibility to get all deliveries to our clients at the right time. I follow up the loading of the trucks, the expedition of the freight, negotiations with subcontractors, availability of the drivers, etc. I also assist the Plant Manager with everything concerning our site: personnel, production, clients, … In short, I have an all-round job, and I love it!”

Chances to grow
“Although Greenyard is only my first employer, I can already look back on a pretty successful career. I started working here in 2006 as a secretary. Only three years later, I joined the logistics department and in 2011, I became manager of that department. It’s a company that puts a lot of trust in its employees and gives them chances to grow.”
Team leader distribution, Bakker Barendrecht
Yassin el Adel
"Getting deliveries to our clients, exactly as they want them. That's what quality means to me."

Dutch company Bakker Barendrecht is part of Greenyard Fresh and is responsible for the fruit and vegetable provisioning of all Albert Heijn stores. “As distribution team leader, it is my job to assure that all stores are correctly supplied,” says Yassin el Adel.
Yassin el Adel
Every detail matters
“Each of us knows how important quality is for our company. But quality means much more than simply delivering high-quality fruit and vegetables. It means getting the delivery to our clients exactly as they want it – at the right time, sufficiently ripe, in the right quantity, using the right packaging, … To me that means doing my job with outmost care. Inspecting the incoming and outgoing freight and ensuring that the warehouse stays clean at all times are an obvious part of that.”

A green family business
“We are a company where people care about each other and take each other into account. Although we are a multinational company, it still feels like a family business. But above all, we are a green company. Everything that we do as a company — no matter how small — we do because we want a greener and healthier future for everyone. That matters to me, and I am happy to be part of that.”
International Product Manager Fruit, Greenyard Frozen division
Frédéric Debrun
“Greenyard combines years of experience with an incredible openness for innovation. A unique combination.”

“I have been working at Greenyard since about a year, in a newly created function. I support the sales teams to further grow the fruit category of the Frozen division. I am also looking for new suppliers of fruit all over the world. Besides a clear focus on innovation, quality is key – I want frozen fruits to have the same quality image as their fresh counterparts.”
A unique combination
“Greenyard is a company with a strong foundation, based on years of experience and a lot of market knowledge. Some employees have been here for many years. But the company also has plenty of room for new people with totally different ideas. A unique combination, which to me explains why the company is so successful.”

Entrepreneurial spirit
“At Greenyard, executing a strategy goes fast. There are many direct lines with the management, who are as close to their people as possible. This entrepreneurial attitude is extremely important to me. But the other company values are just as important: passionate, reliable, creative, sharing. They are the DNA of the company, and you can feel that people are living up to them every day.”
Frederic Debrun