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Greenyard’s sustainability backbone
Making fruit and vegetables a larger part of our daily diet is the best choice for our health and the most sustainable choice for the planet. To promote this, it is important fruit and vegetables are available and affordable. We believe this is best achieved through our unique fork-to-field approach. It is both the backbone of our integrated customer relationship model and a driving force for sustainability.

Greenyard acts as a linking pin in the food supply chain, optimising all parts of the chain – from the farms of our growers all the way to the supermarkets or restaurants where consumers enjoy our healthy, plant-based products. Because of our scale and our extensive network of growers we can optimise transport from all over the world to our distribution centres and production sites. Together with our customers, we define their specific needs before every season and connect them to the best possible growers to develop year-round programs. During the growing season we are in constant contact with growers and retailers to match the demand and supply nature is providing us. This way of working ensures an efficient and sustainable food supply chain with a low environmental impact. And as it is optimised and low in waste it is also the most economical way of working, ensuring fruit and vegetables are accessible, available and affordable for everyone.
Connecting fork to field
Greenyard ist bestrebt, sein Obst und Gemüse auf nachhaltige Weise zu beziehen, die Natur zu respektieren und den Erzeugern einen fairen Ertrag zu bieten. Unsere Nachhaltigkeitsseiten zeigen deutlich, dass es unser oberstes Ziel ist, das Leben zu verbessern.