Improving our footprint - Greenyard Sustainability Report -
As close by as possible, as far away as necessary
Today’s consumers expect all year-round availability of their favourite fruit and vegetables. Greenyard has built a strong worldwide network of growers and suppliers. We have been working with most of these growers for a very long time. We team up with them and provide them with feedback, resulting in a steady supply of high-quality products for our customers.

For all our products we look for the places where we can best grow them. If products have to travel longer distances from field to market, we focus on the optimisation of transport and the best conditions to minimise waste along the food value chain. We source over 2,600,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables from 90 countries, of which around 65% come from Europe.
Next to our fresh produce that is available in all year-round programs to our customers we also promote our long-fresh portfolio in frozen and prepared products. Our long-fresh portfolio is of course always available and provides a healthy, sustainable and affordable offering. And this for a broad range of consumers. All frozen and prepared products come from fields within 150 kilometres of our production plants. The time between the harvesting and the frozen product can be as low as one hour. This very fast handling allows us to harvest the product at the best moment in time and to preserve its health benefits, always staying close-to-crop. At the same time this allows consumers to enjoy these products later on, when it suits them best.
Operational footprint
Providing people around the globe with healthy fruit and vegetables is so much more than sourcing and selling produce. We need to ensure that the product that ends up on their plates exactly matches their expectations. And this in one of the most complex food categories out there. Delivering top-notch quality products is key. Ensuring a constant quality starts on the fields where the produce is grown. At Greenyard, we work very closely together with our growers, connecting them to our customers.

By combining our sourcing and technical expertise with our extensive network of state-of-the-art distribution centres and processing facilities, we have developed the capacity to offer world-leading added-value services. The produce we source from our growers, is thoroughly controlled by our quality department on all relevant aspects, to ensure it matches the exact requirements and specifications of each individual customer. Before it is delivered to these customers it is stored in our distribution centres under optimal conditions. For specific products like mango, avocado or bananas we also provide independent ripening services.
Our integrated and close collaboration with the world’s largest retailers and food service companies help them to expand their offering, develop new markets and successfully anticipate consumer trends. Long-term and solid relationships with retailers allow us to keep the consumer top-of-mind in all our activities.

Starting from consumer demand, and closely working together with both ends of the chain is unique to our business. It does not only allow us to optimally link supply with the actual consumer demand, it also enables us – together with our customers – to actively drive the shift towards healthier lifestyles and an increased consumption of fruit and vegetables. Always working towards an ever more sustainable food value chain.
Greenyard ist bestrebt, sein Obst und Gemüse auf nachhaltige Weise zu beziehen, die Natur zu respektieren und den Erzeugern einen fairen Ertrag zu bieten. Unsere Nachhaltigkeitsseiten zeigen deutlich, dass es unser oberstes Ziel ist, das Leben zu verbessern.