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Our sustainability model

Greenyard is in a unique position to realise its purpose to improve life. As a major provider of fruit and vegetables, we stimulate healthier eating habits among consumers. As the connecting partner between our growers and our customers, we contribute to more sustainable ways of producing food that benefit everyone in the chain.

Enabling healthy lifestyles
Fruit and vegetables are the foundation of any healthy diet, providing us with essential nutrients such as fibres, minerals and vitamins. Together with our customers, we make sure people to enjoy their many benefits by making our products accessible, convenient and affordable.
Sustainability Model
Sustainable food value chains
They start with ensuring fruit and vegetables are affordable and available for everyone. Although fruit and vegetables are a food category with a relatively low environmental impact, even our sector is currently operating beyond planetary boundaries. We team up with growers and other partners in the value chain to improve processes, make more efficient use of fresh produce and scarce water and energy resources, and invest in cultivation methods that foster nature.

1 - The core of our sustainability model is our market proposition. Through a winning combination of inherently healthy, plant-based products, made available in fresh, frozen and prepared form, we make it easier and more affordable for everyone to enjoy the many benefits fruit and vegetables have to offer. Increasing the share of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet is the best choice, both for ourselves and for the planet. By aligning demand and supply of fruit and vegetables we work with our growers and other stakeholders to create more sustainable food value chains.

2 - Our fork-to-field approach and our relentless focus on close collaborations through integrated relationships clearly differentiate us from competitors.

Starting from actual end-consumer demand, we develop programs with our dedicated growers across the globe to ensure year-round availability of the products our customers want to market. Fruit and vegetables are products of nature, and as the connecting partner between our growers and our customers, we are in a unique position to match supply with demand. This allow us to reduce waste in the chain and create sustainable food value chains that are beneficial to everyone involved.

Thanks to our global scale and our product offering of fresh, frozen and prepared products, we can also offer our growers solutions for larger parts of their harvests. We take care to match the produce to the right markets and its customer expectations.

Starting from the actual end-consumer demand, we contract the volumes needed and plan the season with our dedicated growers. During the season, we are in constant contact with our customers to adjust our plans, as nature still has its own agenda.

Additionally, thanks to our global scale and our activities in fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, we can offer growers solutions for larger parts of their harvests. Consumers in different countries and regions have different expectations, and we gladly respond to them, minimising waste on the one hand, and optimising relationships with our growers on the other, while responding to the specific needs of consumers across the globe.

3 - All the choices we make on our journey towards healthier lifestyles and more sustainable food value chains can be clustered into three main impact domains: Economic Impact & Governance, Environmental Impact and Social Impact. Within these three domains we have clustered all the material topics we identified within the double materiality assessment. By making this small adjustment to our model, we were able to incorporate the materiality assessment more explicitly, making it a strong foundation for delivering on our ambitions and reporting on our progress.

When we look at current and future legislation on transparency and reporting, supply chain responsibility, climate change and the production and consumption of food, sustainability is becoming a real license to operate. With our approach we are ready for this. In our view, sustainability is a driving force for fundamental change in our sector. As a global leader in fruit and vegetables we want to take a leading role. Along with our customers, growers and other stakeholders we believe we can have great impact with every step we take in the right direction. Our focus on sustainability and healthy lifestyles makes our company a vital part of society and a sound long-term investment for shareholders.

Greenyard ist bestrebt, sein Obst und Gemüse auf nachhaltige Weise zu beziehen, die Natur zu respektieren und den Erzeugern einen fairen Ertrag zu bieten. Unsere Nachhaltigkeitsseiten zeigen deutlich, dass es unser oberstes Ziel ist, das Leben zu verbessern.