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Greenyard Fresh has one of the largest sourcing networks for fruit and vegetables in the world. This enables us to guarantee a steady and exceptionally diverse supply of high-quality fresh produce.

About Greenyard Fresh
Greenyard Fresh is a global market leader in fresh fruit and vegetables.
Of the world’s 20 largest food retailers, 19 count on us every day for a steady and high-quality supply of fresh produce to their stores. Our worldwide network of growers and our advanced logistics enable us to get any type of fresh product to the customer and consumer at exactly the right moment. Our innovation efforts are focused on more convenience and more diversity for the consumer. With over 500 dedicated ripening rooms, we are also one of the largest fruit ripeners in Europe.
Our customers
Greenyard Fresh counts some of the world’s biggest retailers among its customers. Using our expertise in sourcing, logistics and sustainable supply chain management, we provide them with a steady supply of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world.
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Adding value to the fresh category
Through joint category management planning, industry-leading products, ripening and packaging innovation and smart promotional strategies, we help retailers strengthen their in-store brands, anticipate new trends and add considerable value to the fresh fruit and vegetables category.
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Global sourcing network
Our growers
Greenyard has built one of the largest global sourcing networks for fresh fruit and vegetables in the world. This enables us to source high-quality products year-round, either from within our own global group of companies, through our sourcing offices or from preferred strategic production partners in every major producing country. It gives our customers total confidence that they will receive the fruit and vegetable varieties they require, in the right volume, of the right quality and at the precise time they need them to give their customers the best experience.
Working side by side with our growers
We provide technical and operational assistance to growers and keep them up to date with the latest agronomic evolutions. They are involved in R&D programs and partnerships to improve efficiency and sustainability of their activities. In many cases, we sell locally sourced and imported fruit in their own markets, opening alternative routes that are vital for them to achieve a sustainable return on their crops.
Keeping partners and customers close
By investing in relationships with growers and retailers Greenyard Fresh enhances logistics flows and customer transparency and empowers growers to apply best practices in their own businesses. Moreover, maintaining close relationships with every player in the value chain helps to contribute to an even more sustainable sector.
Greenyard sourcing connections
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Greenyard Sourcing Connections sources fresh produce and exports to different countries worldwide.
Find out where you can reach us
Greenyard is continuously expanding its international presence. We combine our worldwide network with local sales offices and production plants, making sure we are always close to our customers.
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