Greenyard Fresh UK secures authorised AEO Status

Greenyard Fresh UK is proud to announce that its application for AEO Status has been successful and with effect from 5 March 2019 Greenyard Fresh UK will operate as an Authorised Economic Operator under authorisation type AEOC (Customs simplification).

AEO status is a certified standard issued by customs administrations in the EU and recognises reliable operators and encourages best practice in the international supply chain.  AEO authorised businesses are recognised worldwide as safe, secure and compliant business partners in International trade.

The award of AEO status further enables Greenyard Fresh UK to meet the demands of the market ahead of time and further enhances its market position as a leading and specialist importer of tropical fruit, deciduous fruit, dried fruit and nuts.

As the UK continues to negotiate its ‘EU exit’ Greenyard remains fully committed to ensure it remains best placed to successfully adapt to the challenges and opportunities ahead, whatever form the future EU-UK trading relationship may take. The award of AEO status further strengthens the ability of Greenyard Fresh UK to ensure the continued flow of produce to and from our key EU partners, colleagues and friends.

Greenyard Fresh UK has met certain standards in relation to safety and security, systems to manage commercial records, compliance with customs rules, financial solvency and practical standards of competence or professional qualifications as part of its application.

For further information, please contact Rosemary Lalley,
Marketing & Business Growth Director
+44 1775 716558