Greenyard Fresh buys major stake in Mor International


Mor is a well-known and recognized sourcing entity, holding long-term relationships with large growers, not only in Israel but also in other strategic sourcing countries. Mor has subsidiaries in Italy, the USA and South Africa. Mor is strongly focused on sourcing high quality exotics like mango, avocado, persimmon (kaki), pomegranates. They also supply bell peppers, carrots, dates and stone fruit.

Greenyard immediately acquires 49% of the shares, with the option to acquire an additional 16% in the future. The agreement solidifies a long-standing relationship between Mor International and Greenyard Fresh companies in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK.

The acquisition is in line with the Greenyard Fresh strategy of building a direct connection with the grower, to build scale, ensure quality and allow for programmed growing. The reinforced link with Mor enables us to enlarge our geographical spread and sourcing capabilities and to secure a steady supply of high-quality products.