Horticulture Week Business Awards – ‘Success for Kissabel®

Kissabel® I'm red inside'. Over 20 years ago, IFO a group of passionate breeders in France started to cross cultivated apple varieties with wild red fleshed selections on a quest to produce an apple that is truly unique. After multiple crosses and 4 generations, the first selections were commercialised - offering the consumer an exciting and distinctive eating experience! The Kissabel® range offers apple varieties which differ in flesh shade, skin colour, flavour and harvesting period, but will all be marketed under the 'Kissabel® I'm red inside' banner. The group behind Kissabel® is the global consortium 'IFORED', which has brought together 14 of the biggest apple producers from 5 continents. The UK representatives are Greenyard Fresh UK and Worldwide Fruit Ltd who are working collaboratively to develop and grow Kissabel® within the UK. Small volumes have been sold to UK retailers in 2018, and the response was fantastic. Consumers are impressed with Kissabel®, they look fabulous and they also taste great. UK retailers are really keen to sell these products when they are available. It has huge appeal and great visual presence which is so important in the age of social media. The Kissabel® journey has only just begun!