New Ripening Rooms Officially Opened

Greenyard Fresh UK is delighted to announce the completion of six new, state of the art ripening chambers, which are the first phase of a £2m, two-year investment programme in ripening facilities at its Stephenson Avenue site in Spalding.

Managing Director Alan Forrester joined Nigel Jenny, Chairman of the FPC, and Andrew Nesbitt, Managing Director of Cross Refrigeration, at the ceremony where Nigel had the honour of cutting the ribbon to officially declare the new facility open.

The new facilities create an additional 160 pallet space capacity, which increases Greenyard’s overall ripening capacity to 452 pallet spaces. The new chambers will improve the uniformity of ripening of both whole and part pallet volumes. Within the new facility there are four smaller rooms, each of 20 pallet spaces, which as well as being part of the overall ripening capacity, will be available for research and experimental trials.

Specialist ripening has been and continues to be a highly valued element of Greenyards’ business, these new chambers will enable the continual delivery of the highest quality stonefruit, tropical fruit, avocado and pears to all its customers, now and into the future.