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Our products

Greenyard Fresh offers retailers an exceptionally wide range of high-quality fruit and vegetables sourced from selected growers all over the world.

Top fruit
Tropical fruit
Citrus fruit
Stone fruit
Fairtrade products
Organic products
Dried fruit
Fresh-cut products
Creating and delivering value
Continuous innovation is central in our ability to create and deliver value. We combine consumer insight with an in-depth product knowledge to provide our customers with products that tap into new trends and market evolutions. We use the latest technology to get ripe and ready-to-eat products into stores at exactly the right time and introduce innovative packaging that allows customers to prepare fresh fruit and vegetables in a time-saving manner.
Tailor-made approach for each customer
Our key account managers are there to make the lives of our customers easier and their business more profitable. Our approach is tailored for each customer – we are here to help in whatever way they need us to. We share data and market analysis to create market-specific sales and promotional strategies for our customers.
Innovation expert
Partner to the retail
Together with our customers, we analyse category performance, set targets and objectives, establish marketing tactics and programmes, support implementation, and then measure, monitor and modify processes.