Vegetables are king

More and more people are becoming flexitarian. They consciously choose not to eat meat or fish for one or more days a week. Not from conviction such as vegetarians and vegans, but rather from a kind of gut feeling that eating less meat is good for health and the environment. As a result, vegetables increasingly play a leading role on the consumer's plate.

Let your creativity run free while cooking. Vary with the richness of tastes and textures. We bet that even the most seasoned Burgundian will not miss his piece of meat or fish! Vegetables also bring a lot of color to the plate. That tastes all the better because ultimately we also eat with our eyes! Let's eat a rainbow!

In this magazine you will find inspiration and recipes to fully experiment with vegetables. We give handy tips about which varieties you can combine and how you can turn them into balanced and delicious dishes. You don't need fancy superfoods for this ... only super vegetables!


Enjoy cooking!