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Couscous salad


  • For those who have little time but still want a delicious meal on their plate. Our ready-to- use components, preparations and meals are the solution. These ready-to-use products of restaurant quality can be warmed up or cooked in no time and offer you convenience as an added value. On top of that, all these products are easy to portion: you use the amount you need and save the rest for later without any waste.
  • Vegetables are always the basis of our preparations: healthy and natural, without colouring agents and preservatives.
  • Endless possibilities: smoothies, soups, sauces, purees, oven bakes, risottos,...
Convenience is of the essence in today’s world, where consumers are leading busy lives
We respond to their needs by continuously reinventing products, packaging and preparation methods. Our range of ready-made soups, sauces, and smoothies present consumers with new and convenient ways to enjoy vegetables and fruits. Cut into small cubes, they are easy to prepare and portion. Our smart meals combine our fresh frozen vegetables with protein-rich ingredients (meat, fish or meat substitutes) and/or healthy carbohydrates such as pasta, bulgur, rice or quinoa. Finally, we also introduce new and smart cooking methods, like our steam bags: perfectly cooked in the microwave, whilst preserving the taste and texture. We have received Superior Taste Awards for several of our products, clearly indicating that culinary experts and chefs appreciate our efforts to combine convenience with great taste.

Our range of convenience foods is largely driven by the market. Our culinary experts are actively monitoring the latest food trends, continuously looking for new ways to surprise and delight consumers. They are constantly creating new and innovative recipes, which they then adapt to production on an industrial scale. New products are developed in close cooperation with the customer, taking into account their specific requirements on matters such as nutritional value’s and Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA).
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