Enabling a healthier future

By investing in innovation, quality and great service, we want to make an important contribution to a more sustainable agriculture – viable for the grower, healthy for the consumer and good for the environment.

About Greenyard Horticulture
Greenyard Horticulture offers both professional growers and hobby gardeners a wide range of high-quality potting soils, decorative mulches and soil improvers for plants, mushrooms, fruit and vegetables. With more than 1,000 substrate types available, our products are tailored to each customer, allowing them to improve both quality and profitability, and ensure a healthy crop. Horticulture also taps into the emerging trend of urban farming, with an innovative range of products for consumers that want to grow their own fruit and vegetables. We even help cities to become greener, with solutions for roof gardens and other forms of urban greenery.
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