History Greenyard Horticulture
Our history
Foundation of Peltracom

Peltracom was established in 1977 as part of the Belgian Peatinvest holding. The first export to France took place in 1983. France has been our main sales market ever since, supplied from two local production sites. The production unit in the harbour area of Arles was opened in 1995, while Humuland in the region of the Landes was taken over in 2002. The Arles site has since become a distribution centre.

Joint venture Hollas

In 1989, Peltracom entered into a joint venture with the Polish company Hollas for peat extraction and potting soil production. Today, the company is called Greenyard Horticulture Poland and plays an important role in a rapidly expanding market.

Investment in Latvian peat bogs

In 2001, Peltracom continued its expansion in Latvia with the purchase of several peat companies, aimed at guaranteeing future supply of raw materials. Peltracom currently has over 30 million m³ in peat reserves.

Construction new factory in Ghent

In the spring of 2002, a hypermodern site with large-scale production capacity was opened at the sea port in Ghent, Belgium.

Acquisition Agrofino

At the end of 2003, Peltracom and Agrofino – two prominent players in the European potting soil market – integrated their activities. In 2008, the brands Agrofino and Aura were united under the Peltracom brand for the professional market. Agrofino is the main brand for the consumer market.

Construction new factory in Latvia (Misas Kudra)

In 2008, Peltracom built a new factory in Latvia – next to the old one – to support its growth in export markets and increase its flexibility. Today, most of our Big Bales are produced in the new Latvian factory, which is located near the ports of Riga and Ventspils.

Acquisition Norland

In 2011, Peltracom acquired Norland, one of the most important producers of substrates and soil improvers in Wallonia, the southern region of Belgium.

Birth of Greenyard

In 2015, Univeg, Greenyard Foods and Peatinvest merged into a global market leader in fresh and prepared fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, fresh logistic services and growing media. With a total workforce of 9,000 people in 25 countries across the world, the group realizes a combined turnover of € 4 billion.

Peltracom becomes Greenyard Horticulture

Reflecting the merger, Peltracom changes its name to Greenyard Horticulture.

Acquisition Nesterovskoe

Greenyard Horticulture acquires Nesterovskoe (Russia) and starts investing in the modernization of the production facility.

Acquisition Mykogen

Acquisition of Mykogen (Poland), which changes its name to Greenyard Mycoculture. The company is the largest supplier of top-quality substrates for mushrooms and offers advisory services to mushroom growers in Poland, Ukraine and in Europe. It has four state-of-the art production facilities, located in Poland and Ukraine and employs more than 300 employees.

Baltic peat bogs RPP certified

All Baltic peat bogs of Greenyard receive the RPP certificate. Greenyard is herewith at the forefront of the sector.
About us
Greenyard Horticulture offers both professional growers and hobby hardeners a wide range of high-quality potting soils, decorative mulches and soil improvers for plants, mushrooms, fruit and vegetables.