Ownership change of the Greenyard Horticulture segment

We hereby inform you of a change of ownership within Greenyard Horticulture. The Greenyard group and Straco have reached and signed an agreement earlier this week concerning the take-over of the Horticulture activity.  The closing date of the transaction is expected during the first quarter of 2019.

Straco has a long-term investment vision and aims to further strengthen the position of Greenyard Horticulture in the market. This transaction will not affect the day-to-day organization of the company.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact your usual contactperson.

We are confident that this new step will help us to further develop and strengthen our partnership.

About  Straco

Straco is an independent Belgian, family owned, investment group active in real estate and private equity with a long-term investment horizon. They operate in the Benelux, UK, France, Germany and Poland, but are always looking for global opportunities in various industries. Straco stands for long term sustainable investing in understandable business like traditional manufacturing or service companies with the potential to develop a durable competitive advantage and a clear demonstrable growth potential.