Professional growers

We create a specialized product for every customer

– fully tailored to their specific needs.

Making every harvest a success
Our products are essential for professional growers of ornamental plants, mushrooms, fruit and vegetables. That is why we offer our customers personal advice and formulate a product tailored to their specific needs. Our experts are there every step of the way to guide them and make a success out of every harvest.
Ornamental plants
Specialized potting soil, adapted to plant variety, pot size, cultivation stage (sowing & cutting, repotting, …) and cultivation method.

For geraniums, primula (primroses), violets, cyclamen, …
Greenyard Horticulture Ornamentals
Tree nursery
Specialized substrates, available in a wide range of compositions and structures.

For perennials, ornamental shrubs, cuttings, acidophilic plants, …

Specialized pot covers (Pinus Maritima, Sylvester, Horticover, …)
Greenyard Horticulture Fruit
Specialized substrates for any type of fruit, including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

Grow Bags for strawberries.

Tray plants for strawberries.

Container substrates for fruit trees.

Soil improvers for (tropical) fruit trees.
Tailor-made substrates for any type of vegetable.

Grow Bags for tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, aubergines, …

Super seedling and tray substrate for sowing and cutting.

Blocking compost.
Greenyard Horticulture Vegetables
Top-quality button mushroom substrates.
Greenyard Horticulture Mushrooms
Wide range of organic substrates.

Specific solutions for each type of herb.
Flexible packaging and delivery
All our products can be packaged and delivered according to your specific needs:
- Small bags (70L and 100L)
- Mini bales (225L)
- Big bales
- Big bags
- Bulk delivery
A tailor-made product for every grower
Greenyard Horticulture believes in a personal approach. Whether we deliver via distributors or directly to growers, we meet customers on a regular basis and meticulously map out their needs. Which varieties do they grow? Which growing methods do they use? What is their growth basis, watering strategy and fertilization like? Our specialists get down to work with this information and come up with an individual product for each customer.
Monitoring performance after sales
Selecting the right product is only part of the story. We also monitor the performance of our potting soils, take samples, and make adaptations as required. We use the feedback from our customers to improve and continuously innovate our products.
Greenyard Grow Bags – A new way of growing tomatoes and strawberries
Greenyard Horticulture receives certificates for Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP)
Our products
In each of our markets, Greenyard Horticulture is offering customers professional advice and tailor-made solutions.