Thanks to our wide range of high-quality products, we are able to respond to the needs of any home gardener.

The right product tailored to every need
Greenyard Horticulture offers a wide range of high-quality potting soils, soil improvers and soil covers for home gardeners. We develop and refine our range in close consultation with retailers, helping them respond to the latest trends.
Greenyard Horticulture Potting Soils
Potting soils
Wide range of products for different applications and plants: balcony plants, sowing & cutting, vegetable gardens, …

Produced under private label or our own brands

Wide range of packaging formats, sizes and foils (normal PE, biodegradable PE, bio-based PE, …) available

Product assortments and mixtures are developed in close collaboration with our customers

Certified products: RPP (Responsibly Produced Peat), RHP Consumer, MPS, sustainable potting soil, …
Soil covers
Decorative barks (Pinus Maritima, Sylvester, Epicea, …)

Straws (Miscanthus, Hemp, Flax, ...)

Woodchips (Natural, Red, Brown, Grey, ...)

Clay pebbles

Slate stone

Cacao shells

Coco mulch

Greenyard Horticulture Soil Covers
Soil improvers
Green compost

Enriched top soil

Soil improver (plant soil)

Peat moss
Greenyard Horticulture Soil Improvers
Wood products
Wood pellets

Kindling wood

Fire wood

Fire wood briquettes
Flexible packaging and delivery
Greenyard Horticulture can deliver potting soils, soil improvers and soil covers in a wide variety of packaging formats and sizes, from small and mid-size to big bags.
Close collaboration with retailers
We work closely with retailers to develop products that perfectly match their market position while responding to the latest trends in the market. Attractive plants at home? A vegetable garden in the city? Small trees for a terrace? We have the right product for every need.

Excellent service
Potting soil is a seasonal product, and sales are affected by seasonal peaks and troughs. One sunny weekend often causes a rush to the shops. Acting quickly, and offering flexible solutions is key. Greenyard Horticulture has both the capacity and the know-how to meet the needs of every retailer.

For the home gardner
Our products are available in garden centres, DIY stores and supermarkets. We offer products for every segment: from basic to premium, from RPP-certified substrates to PEFC-certified barks, from universal potting soil to more specialized or even tailor-made variants – both under our own brand names as under private labels for our customers.
Greenyard Horticulture obtains ISO 14001:2015 certificate
Greenyard Horticulture receives certificates for Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP)
Our products
In each of our markets, Greenyard Horticulture is offering customers professional advice and tailor-made solutions.