Urban green

Greenyard Horticulture helps modern cities to create sustainable and low-maintenance green spaces.

Sustainable green for modern cities
Modern cities are becoming greener – literally. Green spaces in the city not only look attractive, they also bring numerous advantages for people and the environment. Greenyard Horticulture is an important partner for everyone in search of sustainable and low-maintenance green provisions.
Green Roofs
Specialized substrates for intensive and extensive roof gardens.

Standard, light and extra-light substrates.
Greenyard Horticulture Urban Farming
Urban Farming
Specialized substrates for urban farming.
Greenyard Horticulture Green Spaces
Green Spaces
Specialized products for flowerbeds, decorative shrubs, hedgerows, lawns, trees, …

- Substrates (for flower beds, perennials, grass grids, …)

- Soil improvers

- Soil covers

- Decorative barks, including Pinus Maritima, Sylvester, Epicea, Douglas, …

- Tree sand and tree granulate
Why invest in urban green?
Investing in green is clever. Besides brightening up the environment – and its residents – green areas provide many other advantages. Green space has a positive effect on air quality, increases biodiversity in the city and improves rainwater absorption in the ground. Extra shade brings more pleasant temperatures in the summer. Urban green also offers extra protection against extreme temperatures and buffers water peaks with more efficient water purification.
Our experts at your service
Greenyard Horticulture has one of the largest assortments 'green' for landscaping and public green. But we have also built up considerable expertise in urban green projects. Our experts advise architects, contractors and public administrations on how to set up their project and select the right products for low-maintenance and sustainable green spaces.
Everything you need to know about green roofs
Our products
In each of our markets, Greenyard Horticulture is offering customers professional advice and tailor-made solutions.