Quality assurance throughout the entire chain

We manage and own each stage of the production process. We guarantee our customers the highest quality, from raw material to final delivery – and even long after that.

Greenyard Horticulture Quality Cycle
The Greenyard Horticulture Quality Cycle
Quality assurance throughout the entire chain.

As a vertically integrated producer of potting soil, Greenyard Horticulture controls every link in the supply chain. This allows us to select high-quality materials throughout the entire production process, starting from the raw materials we extract from our own peat bogs.
Raw materials / Starting from a strong basis
Greenyard Horticulture extracts most of its raw materials from its own RHP- and RPP-certified peat bogs in Latvia, Poland and Russia. That way we ensure the quality of our products from their very origin. For other raw materials we count on partners that use the same high quality standards as we do.
Greenyard Horticulture Raw Materials
Greenyard Horticulture Production
Production / Quality control in every stage
Our raw materials pass through different stages, from fractionating and mixing, to the addition of additives and the moisturizing of the end-product. Each of our production sites has its own quality lab that monitors each step in the production process. Our processes are also regularly audited by both customers and independent institutions.
Feedback / Continuous improvement
We take different samples from each delivery for analysis into our own laboratory. We then systematically check, monitor and trace the quality of our products. Our commercial staff closely follows the results of our products at our customers. Their feedback is fundamental for our own R&D department, which further refines and improves our products.
Greenyard Horticulture Feedback
Greenyard Horticulture Operational Management
Operational management / Ingrained in all our processes
Greenyard Horticulture is an ISO 9001-certified company. This means that striving for continuous improvement is embedded in all our business processes, from accounting and human resources to finance and management.
The highest international standards
ISO 9001:2015
Greenyard Horticulture obtains ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate
Greenyard Horticulture obtains ISO 14001:2015 certificate