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Fruit and vegetables

Greenyard Prepared sources most of its fruit and vegetables in one of Europe’s most fertile regions. The best guarantee for optimal quality and taste.

Summer vegetables
The harvesting season traditionally starts beginning of May with the so-called summer vegetables. Each variety is harvested at the right moment, guaranteeing optimal quality and taste. We also offer various vegetable mixes.

Such as:
Young carrots
Broad beans
Yellow and green beans
Flageolet beans
Leaf vegetables: spinach, sorrel, chervil, endives
Onions and pickles
Peas & carrots
Winter vegetables
Winter vegetables
Winter vegetables are harvested from fall to early spring. Our harvest calendar is perfectly attuned to the seasons, guaranteeing great taste and maximum freshness.

Such as:
Red cabbage
Red beets
Carrots: slices, cubes and strips
Brussels sprouts
Exotic vegetables
As consumers are exploring different cuisines, they are adding more and more vegetables from other parts of the world in their recipes. Our exotic vegetables are globally sourced and carefully selected by our experienced purchasers.

Such as:
Soy shoots
Palm hearts
Bamboo shoots
Capsicum pepper
Product range
As the demand for organic products continues to grow, so is our own organic range. Most of our vegetable, fruit and potato products are already available as organic alternatives. We also offer a wide range of organic convenience products, including soups, pastas and sauces.
Mushrooms are versatile and a great addition to many dishes. What’s more, they are rich in fibers and a great source of proteins. Our mushrooms are grown all year long with great care and passion, and processed immediately after harvesting.

Our range:
Buttons and sliced mushrooms in stand-up pouch for foodservice

mushrooms toast
Pulses Prepared
Pulses or legumes are increasingly popular with consumers looking for meat alternatives. Our range is continuously expanding, with different varieties, origins, sauces and preparation methods.

Our range:
White beans
Red beans
Brown beans
Chick peas
And more.
We preserve our carefully selected firm cooking potatoes in glass jars or cans. We have a continuous supply of freshly harvested potatoes throughout the year.

Such as:
Small potatoes in glass jars or cans
Peeled or unpeeled potatoes
In slices, cubes or as whole potatoes
Fruit prepared
Our production sites are located in one of Europe’s best fruit regions, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality apples and cherries. We also have a great assortment of exotic fruits available.

Such as:
Apple sauce
Fruit compotes and purées
Exotic fruits
Our products
Greenyard Prepared offers a wide and diverse range of preserved fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, along with ready-made products such as soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes. We develop products tailored to our customers’ needs and can adapt composition, flavor and packaging to their wishes.