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Greenyard Prepared offers a wide variety of packaging options, from classic consumer packaging sizes to packaging specifically designed for professional and even industrial use.

Glass jars
We offer:
A choice of various shapes of jars
Volumes from 140 ml to 2,650 ml
Personalized lids and jars
Service and advice in label design
Lids with safety button or sealed with safety strip
Koken in de keuken
Small tins
Easy open and classic tin
From 250 ml to 1 l
Easy to stack
Service and advice in label design
Protects against UV discoloration
Foil packaging
Perfect for:
Sauces, soups and ready-to-eat meals, prepared vegetables and fruit
From 150 ml to 2 l
Shaped bag or envelope packaging
Support with the development of printed and personalized foil or bags

Our products
Greenyard Prepared offers a wide and diverse range of preserved fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, along with ready-made products such as soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes. We develop products tailored to our customers’ needs and can adapt composition, flavor and packaging to their wishes.