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Enabling a healthier future

By preserving everything that’s good in fruit and vegetables, we make it easier for modern consumers to maintain a healthy diet, even when they have little time to cook. 

Greenyard Prepared
About Greenyard Prepared
Greenyard Prepared is a global player in freshly preserved fruit, vegetables and other ambient food products that are easy to store and ready to eat. We offer our customers – among whom we count retailers, food service companies and the food industry – an extensive product portfolio, from classic preserved products in cans or jars to ready made soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes in a variety of packaging. Our products meet modern consumer needs for tasty, convenient, quick, but at the same time healthy food choices.
Datos clave de Greenyard Prepared
Greenyard Prepared delivers preserved fruits and vegetables to the top 25 retailers in the world. Our products can be found in supermarkets all over Europe.
Peas & carrots
Greenyard Prepared has a dedicated range of preserved fruit and vegetable products for foodservice companies and the hotel and catering segments.
Business to Business
Greenyard Prepared works closely together with strong brand owners to partner on new product developments.
Other food companies use our quality products as an ingredient to produce their own salads, meal-kits, ready-made meals and other applications.
Tapping into new markets together
We work in close cooperation with our customers, helping them develop their assortment categories with products that perfectly meet consumers’ needs. New flavors and varieties, innovative packaging, original promotions – we use our expertise to make our customers stand out.
Preparing soup
Exactly how our customers want it
Our customers’ interests always come first, and we like to address them as best as we can: with flexibility, in time and with an eye for the highest quality. Whether it’s optimally packaged deliveries, personalized labels and packaging or temporary promotions, no customer request remains unanswered.
Delight and surprise consumers
Our cooks and food technologists are constantly on the lookout for new trends using canned or preserved fruits and vegetables. Every day, they find new ways to surprise consumers by improving existing recipes, coming up with new combinations and experimenting with exotic flavors. They continue to refine and taste until it’s just right.
Garden dinner
Healthy and tasty food
We respond to the trend for healthier food without compromising on taste. Our organic product range is constantly expanding. Both our mushrooms and pulses are great meat alternatives. Innovative packaging and adapted portions make life even easier.
More than 50 years of experience