Greenyard Q3 year-to-date sales increased by 12,2% versus last year

Greenyard Group Q3 year-to-date sales increased by 12,2% from € 3 335,7m to € 3 742,4m, well in line with its € 4 900m guidance for the full financial year ending end of March 2024. This marks a further acceleration in Q3 compared to the first half of the financial year. Out of the 12,2% growth, 9,6% is related to price increases (in both segments), and 2,6% is volume increases.


Fresh sales increased by 11,5%, or € 310,4m, versus the same period last year, from € 2 706,9m to € 3 017,3m. The growth in Fresh was supported by a healthy volume growth (3,5%), which was significant in Greenyard’s Integrated Customer Relationships.


Long Fresh.

Long Fresh sales grew by 15,3%, or € 96,4m from € 628,7m to € 725,1m, thanks to necessary and successful price increases. Volumes are in line with last year. Profitability follows suit and Greenyard is well on track to reach an Adjusted EBITDA in line with the guidance range of € 175m to € 180m.

Francis Kint, CEO Greenyard: “After two quarters of strong growth, Greenyard continued with a similar performance in the third quarter. In Fresh, our growth is driven by volume growth in our Integrated Customer Relationships, marking further progress in the evolution from a trading business to an added-value service business. This gives us confidence in our unique approach in the fresh fruit and vegetables category. In Long Fresh, our frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, we have experienced continued inflation of our costs, especially in our fresh raw materials. We have, however, been able to successfully pass these on. In difficult climatic and growing conditions, we have been able to maintain good service levels. This ability, together with our broad and diversified offering, allowed us to maintain volumes and achieve solid year-on-year price increases.”