Bakker Belgium introduces first e-truck to deliver 18 million kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables to Delhaize

For the first time an e-truck will transport fresh fruit and vegetables from Bakker Belgium, a Greenyard company, to Belgian retailer Delhaize. The new Volvo truck will deliver around 18 000 000 kilograms of fruit and vegetables to the retailer’s distribution centre in Zellik - Belgium, every year.

With this important step towardards a sustainable fleet, Bakker Belgium will save 58 tonnes of CO2-emissions annually. The commissioning of the truck has been enabled thanks to the unique, integrated and long-term collaboration between both companies, reflected in a shared ambition to reduce CO2-emissions in the fruit and vegetable supply chain, also within their own operations.

Investing in a more sustainable supply chain
Driven by the clear ambition to continuously reduce their environmental footprint, both Bakker Belgium and Delhaize identified a significant upside in the 60 km route between Bakker Belgium’s distribution center in Boom and that of Delhaize in Zellik. A route that lends itself to the introduction of the first all-electric truck to further reduce CO2-emissions from its own operations.

At both locations investments have been made in charging infrastructure. In Boom, this infrastructure is connected to 2 500 solar panels on the 15 000m² roof of the warehouse. This guarantees a steady supply of green energy, which is also used for the electric cooling of trailers on site, after being loaded with products.

Sustainability as a key factor in a strategic, long-term partnership
CO2-reduction is an inherent part of both Greenyard’s, Bakker Belgium’s and Delhaize’s sustainability strategy for a better planet. Greenyard’s sustainability ambitions are captured in the Group’s sustainability roadmap and cover amongst others climate change and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The group will reduce its direct CO2-emissions with 50% by 2025, and with 70% by 2030.

Moving towards more sustainable ways of transport is a driver of these ambitions. The investment in this first electric truck directly contributes to them and offers a perfect solution for this specific trajectory. Delhaize shares this ambition. Therefore, the Belgian retailer and their strategic partner Bakker Belgium work intensively together to reduce their CO2-emissions, together with all the fruit and vegetable supply chain partners. This should result in a reduction of Delhaize’s indirect emissions (scope 3) in the supply chain with 40% by 2030.