Pure.Plant.Power - greenyard.group
Greenyard is a pure-plant foods company, by design. Fruit and vegetables are the strong foundation on which our products are developed. We are committed to unleash the pure power of plants and further grow the market for true plant-based nutrition.

With pure-plant, we distinguish ourselves from the many so-called plant-based products On the market. They mostly refer to highly processed and simply unhealthy foods that hardly contain any fruit or vegetables. This is not what we stand for at Greenyard.
What nature brings

Focus on the natural product – processing is strictly limited to what people would do at home as well – cutting, freezing, steaming, fermentation, other natural cooking techniques and seasoning. This is the best choice for people and for planet.
In all their authentic natural glory

Fruit and vegetables in all their natural greatness – close-to-crop and close to the harvested product. Always with maximum respect for their authentic taste, colour and texture.
Bursting with natural nutrients

Straight from the field, bursting with the natural nutrients people need for a healthy life – minerals, fibres and vitamins.
/pjʊə(r)-plɑːnt/ – fruit and vegetables, the plants themselves, are our core products, in all their pure and natural power. Nothing else. Always close to crop. A food category based on its own merits, that should be at the center of every plate.

This term clearly distinguishes itself from terms such as “vegan” and “plant-based”. Why? Because these terms, often misused and taken advantage of for marketing purposes, don’t fully capture the scope and values of pure-plant power.

Plant-based often refers to highly processed, unhealthy foods with far too low share of AGF. This is not what we stand for at Greenyard. Vegan is an exclusive niche approach, of value, but we are not against any healthy choice, but we are for the consumption of more fruit and vegetables.