Business Model - Greenyard Annual Report -

A unique business model

The power of Greenyard is in the connections the company makes. Connecting the farms where the produce grows to the supermarkets or restaurants where consumers enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables.

Because of its scale, and the solid and extensive network of dedicated growers and long-term relationships with customers, Greenyard can offer a comprehensive and well-designed range of high-quality products which reflects modern day demands and makes fruit and vegetables more accessible, more convenient and more affordable for everyone.

This unique position in the food supply chain, has enabled Greenyard to broaden its (service) portfolio, shifting away from a classical trading company to a company with high added-value services, from new product development over ripening to logistics and packaging, while ensuring the shortest possible food supply chain. And this, to the benefit of all partners in that chain.

A unique Business Model

What we do

Many of the world’s largest food retailers and food service companies count on us, every day, for a steady and high-quality supply of fruit and vegetables to their stores.

Through strong and long-term relationships with our customers, we put our expertise, scale and knowledge at their service to jointly develop a product offer that enhances their business, and answers consumer needs.

At Greenyard, we have a unique and complementary mix of three divisions: Fresh, Frozen and Prepared. This allows us to respond to the needs of every consumer, every lifestyle, every age group, and every occasion. An afternoon snack, a quick and healthy meal tomorrow, or dinner with friends next week.

This arrangement also contributes to a healthier planet. We supply our produce to a range of different markets with their own size and taste preferences, meaning that nature can provide us with her bounty at her own rhythm. Additionally, we can also make use of carefully sourced products for our Frozen or Prepared ranges, to meet other types of consumer need.

Because we firmly believe that a healthy choice, should always be an accessible and an easy choice, for people and for our planet.

What we do