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7 pillars

7 pillars for growth

As a guiding compass, Greenyard announced a revised and ambitious plan for the next four years. This long-range plan is underpinned by seven pillars.

  • Deepening Greenyard’s unique long-term relationships with customers to provide more added-value services.
  • Further development of Greenyard’s asset base and production capabilities, including automation, capacity extension, quality and increased efficiency.
  • A smart sourcing strategy to attract new growers and retain important growers. Closer collaboration will further secure availability and supply of the most sought-after categories and be a catalyst in the further professionalisation of the agricultural sector.
  • A roadmap with tangible sustainability commitments to further reduce the environmental footprint of the company, ensure an environmentally and socially sustainable food value chain and promote healthy and sustainable food concepts.
  • Increased resilience to external factors such as infection, poor weather conditions, and crises, through adopting a more robust company profile, processes and structures.
  • Continuously strengthening the group’s internal organisation, leveraging Greenyard’s global scale and at the same time maintaining an agile organisation.
  • Strong corporate governance, to support and ensure the ambitions and further growth of Greenyard.