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A word from our Founder – Hein Deprez

Hein 2024

“A little over 40 years ago, in 1983, I started my own mushroom farm. As I was building the farm from the ground up, I was also laying the foundations for Greenyard.”

"The vision was clear from the very beginning. Already then, we looked at things from the perspective of the end-consumer. Our aim was always to bring them healthy, nutritious and simply delicious products, in the best possible way.”

“That vision has culminated in the company we are today. In a single generation, we have become a game changing, global fast moving consumer goods company, serving tens of millions of people with innovative foods for modern lifestyles, every day. They are pure-plant. Not just some marketing slogan, but food that encourages people to make the right choice, both for their health and for the planet.”

“Through bold choices, an entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance, we have created a company that has true impact, thanks to its global scale, three complimentary divisions and deep expertise in the world of fruit and vegetables. A company with a strong and powerful name – Greenyard – which perfectly captures what we stand for.”

 “We have proven the bygone field-to-fork model wrong and successfully introduced a truly disruptive business model in our sector. Today, we are a trusted and essential partner for the largest retailers in Europe, connecting them with thousands of growers around the world in a sustainable, data-driven supply chain.”

“Our 40th anniversary was the perfect occasion to re-affirm our leading position and remind people of what Greenyard stands for, where our origins lie and where we are heading. We spent valuable time together with thousands of our employees, connecting them with each other, and with the DNA of Greenyard. If you don’t understand your past, you cannot think about your future.”

And our journey has not come to an end. As the global transition to pure-plant food is slowly but surely unfolding, we are in the frontline, investing in our industrial knowhow and ready to disrupt the food industry yet again with ground-breaking innovation. Just as we did in the past – we introduced our first meal-kit for ratatouille more than 20 years ago – we continue to drive the industry forward, creating new consumption moments with our meal-kits and our pure-plant indulgence Gigi Gelato.”

“I want to thank the many people that stood by our side on our journey so far. Their hard work, their passion for our products and their dedication to our vision are essential to our success. It’s good to see our organisation offers them so many opportunities to grow, from the work-floor up to our leadership. We need to continue investing in our most important assets: our people.”

“As the founder of Greenyard and in my new role as Executive Director of the Board, I am strongly committed to continue to work actively on realising our purpose, supporting our management, connecting with growers and customers, inspiring innovation and guarding our unique vision. So that Greenyard can continue its journey to a healthier future for all.”

Annual Report 2023-2024
Our integrated Annual Report combines commercial and financial reporting to inform shareholders, employees and the general public about Greenyard’s 2023-2024 financial year.