Unleashing the pure power of plants | Greenyard's first integrated Annual Report 22/23

A positive result displaying Greenyard’s unique proposition to the market 

With our Fresh division performing stronger than the total market of fresh fruit and vegetables, and the synergies of our three divisions combined, we were able to not only outperform the market in the fresh fruit & vegetables category. We were also able to capture the volumes of consumers shifting from fresh fruit & vegetables to frozen and prepared, or back. This sets us apart from the competition, and resulted in positive results for our Group: 

  • Like-for-like net sales increased by 7,9%, reaching €4 638,0m 

  • Adjusted EBITDA rose to € 167,3m, surpassing last year's level 

  • Net financial debt decreased significantly to € 277,3m 

  • The leverage ratio improved from 2,4x to 2,2x 

  • Net result amounted to € 9,3m versus € 16,9m last year, reflecting Greenyard's financial stability 

The future of food has started, and it revolves around pure-plant food experiences 

Consumers are looking for healthier lifestyles and even gastronomic restaurants are putting pure-plant food at the centre of their menus. Our renewed appreciation for pure-plant food is not just some hype. What we are seeing today is a cultural transition – we have reached a tipping point and we’re not going back. 

We have everything we need to be the driving force in the transition to a healthier future and boost the consumption of fruit and vegetables. With 10 billion people to feed by 2050, we will have to find better and more sustainable ways of producing food – with less impact and more nutritional value.  

And that is exactly what our fresh, frozen and prepared offering will bring, as we unleash the pure power of plants. 

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