Fourty years of pure-plant power!

Step into the vibrant world of Greenyard as we kick off the celebration of 40 years of pure-plant innovation, passion and entrepreneurship! Hein Deprez, our founder and co-CEO, embarked on a unique journey from growing mushrooms to steering Greenyard towards the position of the global leader in the fruit and vegetable industry it is today. It's safe to say it is not just any company. Greenyard is at the forefront of the transition towards healthier lives and a better planet. This journey is fueled by 8 500 passionate people, from truck drivers, to operators, production colleagues or quality managers, that have shaped the way we grow, eat, and live. Together with everyone in the food value chain, we actively want to improve life. We did so yesterday, we do so today and we definitely will do it tomorrow.

It is Greenyard’s passion for pure-plant products and its approach to the market, sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Through our unique Fork-to-Field approach, our sales and sourcing colleagues connect our extensive grower network with top retailers across the globe. Always in a spirit of close collaboration. This way of working ensures a constant flow of high-quality produce, meeting the diverse needs of millions of consumers worldwide. We're not just part the market. We're in tune with it, always anticipating actual consumer demand. Looking at the world of pure-plant food experiences, with the eyes of the consumer.

In this 40th year celebration, Greenyard highlights the complementarity of its Group, offering a feast of tasty, nutritious pure-plant produce. Be it in fresh, frozen, and prepared products. Our divisions seamlessly integrate, creating a diverse assortment that unleashes the pure power of plants. But it's not just about products; it's about a genuine passion that infuses every fresh leaf, every frozen berry, and every prepared jar of peas and carrots. It is the entrepreneurial spirit of our people that is and always has been the driving force behind our growth since 1983. Pushing us forward towards the future of food, day in day out.

Here is to 40 years of pure-plant excellence across the globe! A resounding cheer throughout the years, reaching all our committed colleagues, our growers, partners, customers and end-consumers worldwide. Together we have created this path towards a healthier future.

As we celebrate the past, we also turn our gaze toward the future of food. Let the festivities continue, for Greenyard's story is far from over; it's just ripening to perfection!