Adding value through convenience and taste

Convenience is all about adding value to our core product – in our case freshly harvested vegetables. The fact that we are offering them in frozen form is already an added value in itself. It not only enables easy storage and long preservation but also helps prevent waste at the consumer side. You just take the portion of vegetables you need and put the rest back into the freezer. It’s good for the planet, and it saves you money.

We always try to stay ahead of the market and develop innovative and attractive products that entice people to add more vegetables to their menu. We are continuously expanding our product range: adding seasoning, herbs and spices to our vegetable mixes, combining them with quinoa and other ingredients and creating new and authentic recipes based on international culinary trends. We’re also exploring the endless possibilities of our cauliflower-based products which enable low-carb diets. Following our cauliflower rice, we are now also introducing pastas, risottos and couscous based on cauliflower.

Although processing is limited, our focus on innovative convenience products has led to a number of major investments at our plants, such as the specialised coating lines in Belgium, France, Poland and the United Kingdom. They are used to add a light coating with herbs and spices for a delicious ready-made vegetable meal. But perhaps the most important success factor is the close collaboration between our chefs and our engineers. We are working in cross-functional teams that oversee the development of the product from the initial idea to the final production stage. This way of working has resulted in the successful introduction of several new and exciting products to the market.