Greenyard announces new share buyback program

Greenyard announces today that its Board of Directors has decided to start a share buyback program as of (or around) 15 March 2024 for the repurchase of up to 1 250 000 shares, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and authority granted by the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, for a duration of 2,5 years maximum (up to September 2026). The new share buyback program is used to meet obligations arising from a new long-term incentive plan.


Combined with the currently held treasury shares, the share buyback could potentially increase the treasury shares held to around 5,9% of the total outstanding shares. Currently held treasury shares are intended to be used for the exercise of the existing long-term incentive plans.


The Board of Directors of Greenyard will grant a discretionary mandate to a financial intermediary who will execute this both on or outside the regulated market during open and closed periods. Block trades can be considered as well during open periods.


As set out in Greenyard’s articles of association, the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of 17 September 2021 has granted a mandate to the Board of Directors to approve share buyback programs. During the program, Greenyard will provide regular updates to the market about its share purchases, in line with the applicable regulations. This share buyback programme can be ceased at any time.