Supporting the people of Ukraine

In the past year, we have also contributed to helping the people in Ukraine who had to flee their homeland because of the war. At Greenyard, we do not have offices in Ukraine or Russia, but we do have some entities in neighbouring countries such as Poland. Therefore, we took the initiative to send trucks with our plant-based products there. By focusing on the areas in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine, we were able to help the many people arriving there by providing them with healthy produce and food, such as peas, carrots and rice.

In addition, several local actions were organised within our entities, such as collecting medical supplies, hygiene products and clothing to give to refugees. And our colleagues in the region also helped refugees directly, for example by bringing family and friends to the border and offering shelter to people travelling on to their families.

These efforts show that Greenyard employees are people with their hearts in the right place. They make our company the purpose-driven company we are, where the human aspect comes first.