United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Within our Strategy 2030 we focus on improving life through plant-based food experiences, connecting healthy lifestyles and sustainable food value chains. Combined with the underlying strong ambitions on sustainability this is the starting point of how we add value to society and serve the needs of our customers and consumers across the globe.

Our Integrated Customer Relationship (ICR) approach is a solid base for a sustainable food chain. By optimising all parts of the food value chain and balancing demand and supply, our customers can make fruit and vegetables better available and more affordable for consumers. Sustainability and bringing economic value go hand in hand. The more consumers enjoy our healthy products, the better this is for their health, which will ultimately result in lower healthcare costs. Higher volumes will enable us to build on sustainable food chains throughout the entire food value chain, from our strong network of growers, with our suppliers and customers, all the way to the consumer.

As a global player, we recognise that everything we do has an impact. This brings us many great opportunities, as well as an important responsibility. We report on our sustainability efforts annually and have clear ambitions how to continuously improve. Our Strategy 2030 clearly puts sustainability at the centre-stage of the way we will move forward; it is fully embedded throughout all our plans, and it clearly demonstrates how Greenyard today is a purpose-driven company, where everything we do starts with our drive to improve life.

Next to our ICR approach, our Integrated Grower Relationships (IGR) constitutes the other end of the chain with Greenyard as the connecting force in the middle. Within IGR we connect with our global network of dedicated growers. We have worked with many of our growers for years, often even decades, and are able to match their produce to the expectations of our customers. With our customers we collaborate on environmental, social and governance themes, often also contributing to their sustainability strategy.

Within our sustainability roadmap we have adopted the UN’s set of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding compass and we have selected five SDGs that are most linked to our business. The SDGs are a clear call to action and seek to mobilise global efforts around a common set of goals and targets.

SDG number 17 on Partnerships is a logical additional SDG for us, as it is fundamental to reach our goals. This is clearly reflected in our ICR and IGR approach mentioned above. Next to this, the following 5 SDGs are linked to our sustainability roadmap. A broader rationale for the selected SDGs can be found on our website and in the sustainability report of last year.