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Sourcing - As close as possible, as far as necessary
At Greenyard, we source our fruit and vegetables from a worldwide network of growers and suppliers. We have built strong and long-term relationships with many of them, resulting in a steady supply of high-quality products for our customers. All frozen and prepared products come from fields within 150 kilometres of our production plants. For those products that need to travel longer distances from field to market, we focus on the closest and the best growing regions. We source over 2,500,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables from 90 countries, of which around 65% come from the EU.
Our operational footprint
Operational footprint
At Greenyard, we have an extensive network of state-of-the-art distribution centres and processing facilities, spread across our core markets and our growing regions. By combining them with our sourcing and our technical expertise, we have developed the capacity to offer world-leading added-value services to our customers.

We collaborate closely with some of the world’s largest retailers and food service companies, helping them to expand their offerings, develop new markets and successfully anticipate consumer trends. Long-term and solid relationships with retailers allow us to keep the consumer top-of-mind in all our activities.

This unique way of working does not only allow us to optimally link supply with the actual consumer demand, it also enables us – together with our customers – to actively drive the shift towards healthier lifestyles and an increased consumption of fruit and vegetables. Always working towards an ever more sustainable food value chain.
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