SDG 3 - Greenyard Sustainability Report -

Minimise food waste, create awareness on the need to transform our food system


By promoting healthy lifestyles and more plant-based diets, we actively support SDG 3. Too many people still rely on unhealthy diets which contain too much saturated fat, sugar and salt, causing severe health problems and reducing life expectancy and quality. By simply eating more fruit and vegetables, many people will be able to develop a healthier lifestyle. This will also result in lower healthcare costs for society, especially when we consider the many diseases that can be directly attributed to poor nutrition.

In this respect, we feel it would be appropriate to add specific targets to SDG 3 to stimulate the move towards more plant-based diets and plant-based nutrition. In addition, plant-based nutrition has a much lower environmental footprint and will allow us to build food systems that operate within planetary boundaries.

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