SDG 8 - Greenyard Sustainability Report -

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.


A responsible and sustainable food supply chain can be explained in simple terms as fair and good working conditions for all workers in the chain, while fostering nature. SDG 8 focuses on the topic of working conditions. We emphasise the importance of social compliance and responsible sourcing, reflected in our target to have 100% of our growers in high and medium risk countries certified by 2025. It is also directly linked to our participation in SIFAV 2025 (Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables) where improving working conditions is a specific topic t work on with all partners in the value chain.

Fair and good working conditions, along with more specific topics like the exclusion of child labour, are covered in our internal Code of Conduct, in which we clearly state a zero-tolerance policy for anyone working for or with Greenyard. The UN Global Compact guidelines serve as a guiding compass in this respect. Next to our efforts on the certifications of our growers and SIFAV, we are issuing a Supplier Code of Conductbefore the end of 2021, which standardises already existing social compliance agreements and will become the basis for any future contracts with growers or suppliers.

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