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Focus on creativity and innovation

Bernd Lambrechts

Bernd Lambrechts leads the R&D team at Greenyard Prepared, which consists of 10 people. “We are like the cookbook of Greenyard Prepared. We are responsible for the management and development of all our recipes and products. We initiate about 450 to 500 new projects every year, that’s more than two new projects for each working day. These projects may vary from a small change in the recipe of an existing product to the development of entirely new concepts.”

Prepared pulses

Seduce consumers with great products
“Everybody knows that there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the consumption of fruit and vegetables. If we want to convince consumers, we need to offer them products that not only taste great, but are also easy to prepare, while preserving maximum nutritional value. Although there are still a lot of misconceptions about prepared fruit and vegetables, most of them come straight from fields that are close to our production plants, which means they are both healthy – field-fresh and bursting with nutrients – and good for the environment.”

Providing the healthiest products is always top of mind. “We have been working with our customers to reduce salt and added sugar for many years and have been developing organic and vegan ranges for many of our products. As technology improves, we’re also shortening heat treatments, preserving more of the flavour, natural colour and nutritional value.”

Helping customers achieve their ambitions
In recent years, private label products have undergone a major evolution. “The A-brands used to be the reference, which we then copied, preferably with better taste, healthier and cheaper. Now we see that retailers are at the forefront of innovation. They regularly introduce new and ground-breaking products, from new soups or ready-made meals to entirely new food concepts like bean dishes or vegetable spreads. They count on our expertise to play a proactive role in this evolution and to help them realise their ambitions in this domain.”

Packaging is another way of making our products more convenient and more attractive. “The traditional glass jars are still there, of course, but our stand-up pouches for soups and sauces give them a new and fresh look on the shelves, while saving time in preparation.”

Collaboration is key
Close collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. “We have a very short link with our customers: we exchange ideas for new products, we organise tastings and we work together on the development until we get it exactly right. But we also share our expertise within the company. Our collaboration with Greenyard Fresh in the development of meal kits is a good example of this. The Fresh team comes to us with their ideas and, based on the ingredients and the chosen theme, we develop the sauces that go into the kit. It’s always a great feeling to see a great idea transform into a successful product. We then know that we have directly contributed to a healthy food experience for consumers.”

Supporting healthy lifestyles
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