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Supporting healthy lifestyles


At Greenyard, we do everything to provide our customers with the best quality food and to minimise food waste. We define food waste as food that was intended for human consumption but that is not used for that purpose. In our targets we sharpen this to minimise avoidable food waste as some wastage will be unavoidable due to quality or food safety aspects on which we will never compromise.

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Our unique “fork to field” integrated customer model is the best way to prevent food waste. It means we constantly match our customers’ demand with our growers’ supply and production capacity. The proof of our model can be seen in the low food waste percentage at store level among customers who use a fully integrated approach, meaning that we make sure their stocks in fruit and vegetables are always at the right level. These models require a lot of trust and become successful not only because of our way of working, but also because of the people on both sides really teaming up to provide healthy fruit and vegetables to consumers.

The consumer is still a part of the chain where we must improve in terms of food waste. Especially in Europe and the USA, the largest amount of food waste originates at home, where consumers do not store the products properly or simply do not use them timely. Since the consumption of fruit and vegetables is still far too low in all markets where we deliver our products, we cannot say people buy too much. It is good to see that retailers and governments are trying to raise awareness about eating healthier products and avoiding food waste, as there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area.

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