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Improving life step by step

Florens Slob

How sustainability creates value for every link in the chain

Sustainability has always been at the heart of our company, from our origins as a family business to the multinational we are today. As a major supplier of healthy food products, we improve life by contributing to healthier lifestyles and a more sustainable way of feeding the world’s growing population. “We are a connecting partner in the food chain, which means we bear a great responsibility towards our growers and towards nature itself to create ever more sustainable food value chains”, says Florens Slob, Group Sustainability Director.

The fruit and vegetables industry depends like no other on natural resources, healthy soils, biodiversity and favourable climate conditions. “We consider it our duty to limit the impact of our activities and to secure access to fruit and vegetables for future generations”, says Florens Slob. “Mere compliance with basic regulations and ticking boxes is not good enough. Our sustainability ambition is not just designed to make us look good. We genuinely want to improve life: stimulate healthier lifestyles, create more sustainable food chains and enable growers to receive a fair share for their efforts.”

Creating economic value

Sustainability efforts often go hand in hand with creating economic value. “Some of this is quite obvious”, says Florens Slob. “Reducing the consumption of water, energy, packaging or waste inevitably leads to costs. Moreover, we are operating within a complex and global value chain which still contains inefficiencies. While we have harvested the low hanging fruits already, there are still opportunities to reduce waste and limit our environmental impact by streamlining logistics, optimising storage and creating a better balance between supply and demand.”

Greenyard is in the perfect position to realise this transition. “We have a thorough knowledge of the entire chain and our unique business model connects growers closer to our customers, creating a shorter, more efficient and more sustainable food supply chain. Moreover, we annually supply about three million tonnes of fruit and vegetables all over the world. The sheer size of our business means even the smallest steps we are taking have a real and tangible impact.”

Our Sustainability Roadmap
• Responsible sourcing to ensure a food supply chain that is both environmentally and socially sustainable.
• Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations with a focus on energy, water, packaging and waste.
• Teaming up with our customers to develop and promote healthy and sustainable food concepts.

Building on our achievements from the past years, Greenyard is now ready to accelerate on our sustainability journey. Our roadmap will be presented in more detail in our upcoming Sustainability Report, along with updated results for our commitments.

Working with the entire chain

All the ingredients are there, positioning Greenyard as the connecting partner in the middle of the food supply chain. But it is obvious that we can not realise this transition on its own. “We team up with our customers to define where we want to go together and how we can create added value. Together we need to build awareness and involve consumers, tell them the story behind our products, about the growers, their farms and their hard work and think also about the challenges they face. Making the right choices implies that you have sufficient knowledge. For us, and for the retailer and their consumers also. This is a journey, which should lead to making the choice for healthy the easy one and the choice for sustainable solutions a logical part of the same equation.”

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