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Our integrated value chain

An integrated value chain
Greenyard's power
The power of Greenyard lies in the connections we make. Connecting the farms where the produce grows and the supermarkets or restaurants where consumers enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables. Because of our scale, and our solid and extensive network of dedicated growers and long-term relationships with customers, we can offer a comprehensive and well-designed range of high-quality products which reflects modern day demands and makes fruit and vegetables more accessible, more convenient, and more affordable for everyone.
This unique position in the food supply chain has enabled us to broaden our (service) portfolio, shifting from a traditional trading company to a company with high added-value services, from new product development through ripening to logistics and packaging, while ensuring the shortest possible food supply chain.
And this to the benefit of all partners in that chain.
Greenyard’s sustainability journey
Improving our footprint
Working towards a lower carbon and water footprint
Highlights 2020/2021
Our targets 2025
A new set of ambitious targets to accelerate our sustainability journey
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