Key commitments and targets for 2025 - Greenyard Sustainability Report -
Our sustainability roadmap 2025
The Greenyard Sustainability Roadmap takes into account the diverse range of external views on sustainability in the food sector we have encountered over the years: conversations with experts, learnings from projects we are involved in, knowledge gained at sector-related events and seminars, EU policies and regulations, and inspiration from other companies.

The valuable input from our customers – who pay close attention to environmental, social and governance matters – helped us to select the most important topics. Finally, it is also informed by the results from the materiality assessment we have carried out.
Sustainability roadmap 2025
It goes without saying that it has been created in close collaboration with our divisions, entities, and sustainability ambassadors. The approach has been discussed at Board level and is endorsed by Greenyard’s Board members and top management. Updates on the progress will be an integral part of business updates given to the Board by our management.

All input has been used to add new targets and stretch our previous commitments to make our sustainability efforts more tangible and specific. The new set of targets will be embedded across our activities during the current financial year to ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.
Greenyard's commitments
Building sustainable supply chains
Ensuring the hightest environmental and social standards
Our sustainability model
Teaming up with customers
Promoting healthy and sustainable food concepts
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Improving our footprint
Working towards a lower carbon and water footprint