Our purpose - greenyard.group
Be a driving force towards healthier lifestyles and more sustainable food chains
Many people are starting to realise we need to change the way we produce and consume food. As a major player in fruit and vegetables, Greenyard wants to play an active role in the transition towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits.
co-CEOs Greenyard

Supporting healthier lifestyles

Fruit and vegetables are the basis for any healthy diet as they contain the fibres, minerals and vitamins that are essential to our well-being. By making them more accessible, more convenient and more affordable, we want to help everyone enjoy their benefits and contribute to a healthier future for everyone.

Creating sustainable food chains

With their low environmental footprint, fruit and vegetables are a key element to fulfil the growing global demand for food. New technologies allow us to make better use of precious natural resources such as agricultural land, water and energy. Bringing production closer to consumption reduces the need for transportation and helps avoid waste.

We are in this together

As food chains become increasingly long and complex, close collaboration – from farmer to consumer – is essential to achieve our ambitions. We leverage our long-term partnerships and alliances with stakeholders to realise improvements in every link of the chain and contribute to a more sustainable way of feeding the world.

Greenyard aims to source its fruit and vegetables in a sustainable manner, respecting nature and providing growers with a fair return.