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Our Global Quality Network ensures compliance with food safety, quality and traceability requirements of all our products, whatever the origin is.

Our quality guarantee
Greenyard Fresh sources fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Yet we are able to comply with food safety regulations in all local markets that we serve and give our customers full insight into the provenance of all the fruit and vegetables we deliver.
Quality control cherries
Quality global network
Global network, local know-how
Greenyard Fresh ensures that growers understand and comply with the food safety, quality and traceability requirements of different markets. Experienced and skilled technical staff enable us to manage complex quality requirements in the most reliable way possible. Technical processes are standardized and harmonized, drawing on local and regional skills in our production areas. This unique mixture of global and local know-how means that Greenyard Fresh can anticipate and respond swiftly to ever-changing requirements on food safety, traceability and quality.
Supported by advanced IT systems
Quality and safety requirements are increasingly complex. It is a challenge to access, generate and store the level of information required and deliver it to end users in a transparent and easily accessible manner. Greenyard Fresh works in close collaboration with key IT partners to develop specialised and cost-efficient software solutions.


Greenyard Fresh ARfD Calculator

Synchronised daily with the EU pesticides database, the Greenyard Fresh ARfD Calculator calculates residue test results against the individual residue standards of major European retailers.

Control melon


Fresh.Point is an online residue testing platform developed by Greenyard Fresh together with industry partners and the Dutch company ChainPoint. It allows growers, traders and retailers to manage their residue testing efficiently and helps them use their residue test data to evaluate food safety risks.

Greenlight QC

Greenlight QC

Greenlight QC is a comprehensive web based technology solution for managing product quality and facility checks. It drives continuous improvement and builds our quality reputation with customers and suppliers.