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Quality & Sustainability

Our fruit and vegetables are sourced locally, and processed immediately after harvest - the best guarantee for healthy, tasty and sustainable products.

Close to the grower
We aim to source most of our products locally, in the immediate neighborhood of our production facilities, which are located in one of the most fertile regions of Europe. This way we guarantee optimal quality, while reducing transport and environmental impact. We work in close cooperation with growers in order to guarantee fresh produce, coordinate harvest and processing, and invest in a sustainable agriculture.
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Quality throughout the chain
Quality products start with high quality raw materials – fruit and vegetables straight from the field, harvested at exactly the right time. Our quality assurance systems ensure that this same high quality ultimately reaches consumers.
International quality standards
We work according to the most stringent international quality standards, ensuring that quality is embedded in our systems.
Focus on food safety
We combine advanced control systems with visual inspections to ensure quality throughout the entire production process. We are committed to maximum traceability, from the field to the customer.
Sustainable use of resources
Sustainable use of resources is part of our DNA. Our advanced preserving techniques enable people to store fruit and vegetables for longer, reducing food waste. We like to apply this philosophy in everything we do, while developing our activities with the utmost respect for people and nature.

Preventing food waste.
As a manufacturer of food products, we see it as our duty to make sustainable use of nature’s produce. Thanks to our broad product range, we are able to process various qualities and minimize residuals at the same time.

Optimal use of resources.
We systematically limit our consumption of energy and water and strive for optimal re-use, from the heat we recuperate from our processes to the valoration of mushroom blanching water.

Focus on recyclable packaging.
Most of our packaging is made of tin or glass, both perfectly and almost infinitely recyclable. We always look carefully to the recyclability of our packaging.
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Contributing to society
People and community

We offer employment to the most diverse profiles: from production employees to nutrition specialists, from engineers to drivers. Greenyard Prepared is also committed to social economy: our social workplace in Bree employs fifty people who enthusiastically assume specialized tasks. We encourage our employees to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. We also take our societal role to heart by working on good relations with our neighbors and participating in a variety of sports and cultural events.

Contributing to society


Greenyard Prepared cooperates with various education institutes and establishments. We offer internships to young people and students and organize company visits for schools as part of theme days on the environment, nutrition or agriculture. We also cooperate with colleges of higher education, universities and competence centers to research new ways to achieve sustainability by making use of the latest insights and technology.
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