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2021 - Share buyback program
2017 - Share buyback program
Shareholdership: family firm with a long term strategy
Family & related parties still control majority but free float improved after the July 2015 placement and divestment of Gimv.

* The Deprez Family, via Deprez Holding & Food Invest , controls 37,7% of the shares.
* Own shares 3,6%
* Current free float ~30,5%
Shareholder structure September 2022
Greenyard has started to pay dividends related to accounting year 2015-2016 with a gross dividend of € 0.20 per share. This dividend was kept stable for accounting year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. No dividend has been paid for accounting year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, based on, amongst others, the ongoing recovery.
Stock market
Greenyard shares trade on Euronext Brussels under the symbol 'GREEN'. (TICKERS: GREEN BB; GREENY.BR)

Information on the share price of Greenyard can be found on the websites of Greenyard and Euronext Brussels (

Detailed information on trading activity and share prices can also be found in the financial section of many newspapers.
Investor relations
Under 'Investor relations' you can find more information for investors and bondholders.