Greenyard Half-Year Results: growing in unprecedented times

Greenyard demonstrates robustness in profitability and volumes, especially in the current market situation. There is a momentum to bring the market the pure power of plants. Fruit and vegetables are a key driver for a healthier future, for people and planet. Yet there is still a large underconsumption, and international health authorities and policy makers are joining forces to change the perception of the category and increase consumption. Simultaneously, Greenyard can provide consumers with healthy and innovative products. Tasty products which are accessible, always available, and affordable in all forms: frozen, prepared, and fresh.

Integrated Customer and Grower Relations are the catalyst for Greenyard’s strategy. This is a unique way of working in the industry, which is possible thanks to the company’s pivotal position as a connector in the food supply chain. Today, there is a growing appetite for this way of working. At the same time, the company constantly looks how it can make its own operations stronger. To do so, Greenyard continued to invest in smarter systems, additional capacity, and new technologies over the past period.

All this combined, offers great potential for Greenyard. As it continues to build a strong market position, it will be able to further accelerate and outperform the market even more once the macro-economic context stabilises.

Greenyard’s net result for the first half of the year amounts to € 7,1m. At the same time, further decreasing its Net Debt by another € 9,7m. This is important, as it further lowers our leverage ratio to 2,7x, compared to 2,8x in the same period last year. These results fuel the company’s purpose-driven ambitions to improve life.

Read Greenyard’s full HY report by clicking here.

HY Results 2022-2023 in a nutshell

  • Adjusted EBITDA stable with € 80,4m for the first half of the year.
  • Net result positive at € 7,1m versus € 8,5m for the same period last year.
  • Net debt decreased significantly with € 9,7m versus H1 last year to € 328,4m.
  • Debt ratio decreased to 2,7x, compared to 2,8x in the same period last year.