Greenyard publishes its 2020 half-year results

Greenyard has released its half-year results for 2020. Even during these challenging times, we successfully solidified our financial foundations, established long-term relationships with key partners and customers and strengthened the unity and engagement of our people.

2020 has been an unusual and unprecedented year for almost every industry. For Greenyard, while the lockdown led to higher sales volumes, employee absences and unplanned demand also impacted our company. However, we embraced the continuous improvement mindset and collaborated successfully across borders to achieve important operational wins.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts we initiated in 2019 to balance and streamline supply and demand, boost our margins and foster long-term, trust-based relationships with large customers, our 2020 half-year results are strong.

In a nutshell:

  • We recorded a 10,3% increase in sales and a 18,9% increase in adjusted EBITDA thanks to the results of the improvement initiatives and the growth of our integrated customer relationships.
  • Greenyard's net debt and debt ratio is also clearly declining, and we are six months ahead of schedule on our track to fall below the debt ratio of 4.0x.
  • These improved financial results will contribute positively to a successful refinancing.


Read the Press Release or see the full report for all the details.